I am an artist.

A heart & soul who expresses herself through:

painting - sculpting

tattoo work - digital arts (video/photography)

building - design  

song -  dance

meditation -  rituals

Devotional Arts.

I believe in love to help others love without fear.

I believe in self-care.

The Ego makes it difficult

I am a wild woman.

 I do not accept shame for the  body 

I am born into.

I know my worth and stand firm on my path.

I accept my dark side.

 She is my guide to relate to others.


I am a protector of woman.

 I have encountered many walks of life.  

 I understand and support a woman

in her journey of self- fullfillment without shame and guilt.

She should feel her power.

I want to  share our stories. 

together we  grow and heal.