The moon lounge is a place for seekers of love & healing.

It provides services to the community. Ceremony, ritual, individual healings, art projects, collaborations, meetings,workshops and so much more….

you can even get married here.

"The real" I so crave in us all.

The dark and light of everyones being

is invited to come forth

in sharing, healing and transforming.

The tools are inside you.

The commitment is to the higher self.

The part of you that wants

to act from love in all situations.

Forgive yourself and others.

Step forward in progression

and dive deep into your soul

to be reminded of what lies within you.

You are an incredible being that deserves

to feel happy and calm.

In bliss with yourself. In humble service of others. 

With compassion for yourself and others you can thrive and reach your hearts desire. 


We come together in this place

of non-judgment.

You and only you can heal yourself.

I am a guide to reflect and help you get there.