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"You" - Photo shoot

A visual capture of you in your power as I see you. This is not a glamor shoot but more like a raw and real you shoot. We hang out and start free flowing with this art that is you. This photo shoot will show you a self you need to remember. Its a experience that is truely unique. You will receive a digital version of this shoot. Ready to print as you wish. I enjoy this process with great passion. You are ART.

Crystal healing hour

One full magic hour all about you and your breathe. We smudge, cleanse, tune and pick a sacred rune for today. Then in meditation and ritual we lay you in amongst the healing crystals and let you rest. Drum, rattle and bronze bowl sound bath. Relaxing and rejuvenating for the whole being. You will leave lighter....

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Artist Capture Portrait

I enjoy photography editing and filming. I like  the term capturing better. The essence of whoever is across from my lens it the focus. There is a intimate look at mystical humans, artist, poets, dancers, makers, alchemists...

Shorts for your website,

intros into your world and what you have to offer.

Mini interview and soothing soundtracks.

Annual Fall Rattle workshop

This annual workshop happens around thanksgiving when the pumpkins are ripe and ready for our rattle ceremony. It is a two part gathering. The first one being a ritual for the choosing and preparing the pumpkin for drying and weeks later the closing decoration ceremony that will leave you with your own rattle. All supplies are provided. You can bring your own craft items as well....

Moon Wisdom Series

This four part guided journey is always available. We always start on a new moon and will meet a total of 4 times.

Remembering the cyles of the moon , mother nature and our flow. How it all connects. Fertility issues, hormones disscussed. According to phase plant medicine , sacred food ideas, art, expression. This passion packed series will invigorate your inner and outer  wild woman. Connect with source and get inspired for your own divination practices. Alter building. Themes of altars. Important moon holidays. Everything moon and love in this investment into the deeper you. 

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