Moondoings offers  a variety of services:

video making

( music, spoken word, documentary, weddings, births and celebrations

                          rites of passages, ceremonies, private things, what you can come up with...)


 ( I have years of editing experience with final cut pro)

photography of all kinds

simple websites and intro videos for them

sound edits for meditations

Digital Art in photoshop

                 check out my work samples for                           & 

Additional Services

Tattoo Art

I am a multi skilled artist and like to work in as many mediums as possible. So I also started tattooing  in 2005, as another passion to express myself and mark time and events on the human canvas.    for more info send me an e-mail:

The Moon Lounge offers

circles ceremonies and workshops of all kinds

+  Moon Circles  New Moon& Full Moon

+  Sisterhood Circles gather in ceremony and sharing

+  Red Tent small donation are welcome /no woman will be turned away 

+  Womb Wisdom womb care  advice

+  Feminine Leadership accountability/embodiment

+  Rituals+ Blessings around love & light

+  Vows  comittment ceremonies also pre-vow-council

+  Art & Crafts classes /workshops different medias/DIY projetcs

+  Goddess Photo Shoot  you as your goddess

+  One-on-One time shared focusing on your self-healing and awareness

+  Coaching individuals & couples

+  Mysteries stories, facts, priesstess arts, sacred sexuality

+  Chakra Work  frequency, visual journeys

+  Crystals   grids, raising frequency, atuneing, facts

+  Store all the art being made along the way, 

and more....

confidential, private, safe place for your self-healing

I want to get to know you.

Share" you" with me.

Together we can create a plan

for your self-healing  journey.

For rates please contact me.



Full & New Moon Circles

$ Donation for the space & time

These Circles are for women only, unless Co-circles are specially advertised

We gather in circle to celebrate the moon and her cycles. We are cyclic beings and are connected to her. Through a bonding ceremony we share and heal in sisterhood. Tea and water are provided. Bring a light snack, to share perhaps. Be comfortable. We are lounging on pillows and floor. If you need a chair please message me so I can accomodate you. Be open for your most positive self to show up for yourself and your sisters. Together we remember and feel  the power of circle. Love always.

Red Tent

$10 donation no woman will be tuned away

Our cycles remembered, blood mysteries,

I am a red tent facilitator. Explore the site that is in place to introduce the moon lodge, our red tent, where we sit in sisterhood sharing our stories and blood mysteries of our cyclic nature. FounHer Aurora is the Artist- Queen of this red tent resource. I am grateful for her work and wisdom.


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