I was born in the South of Germany, and have lived in San Fransisco, CA since 1995. Though I have been on a spiritual journey of sorts my whole life, I am moved by the impact that hypnotherapy has had on the self actualizing process. I have witnessed it’s benefit on others and have experienced it for myself. This process can involve accessing memories and traumas for clearing, working with the dynamics of the original family constellation, and overcoming fears and obstacles that stand in the way of healthy and authentic relationships with self and others.

I call this work Ethereal Fitness. Just as one exercises their body for physical fitness, or goes to psychotherapy for mental health and fitness, we also need to attend to our spiritual and energetic bodies whose domain is often that of other realms.

This process requires curiosity and openness. The rewards are both life changing and life transcending.


I am grateful to be able to share my time, space, and intuitive nature with the clients whom I serve. I look forward to working you.

My name is ALEXA.

I am a certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist.

I received my training and certification from the

Alchemical Institute of Hypnosis in Santa Rosa, CA.

I’m also a life long artist, whose work spans many mediums.

I have drawn inspiration from my own unconscious material

and have used archetypal imagery in much of what I have created.

This has been a personal alchemy for me and has been the foundation

for which my hypnotherapy training has been able to flourish.

With my work, I will guide and support you on your own alchemical journey,

giving you the safe space you need to plunge the depths

of your own unconscious mind.


I invite you to be curious


Alchemical  self portrait 
by Alexa LittleStar2019

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