Creating this temple with my own hands, starting on the first New Moon of the year,

is manifestation of all thingsthat made this possible.

After a few years of being  silent, I finally broke through the blockage in my healing.

The fear to reflect my past pain stopped me.

 I needed processing  to grow forThe Moon Lounge.

Months of radical self care, I awoke.

Confidence was reborn preparing me to share what I know.

Humbled and grounded with gratitude that I was made able to create such space.

It is about you and me in our most raw and authentic self.

A place were we can meet safely and confidential.

Whether you are on your path or just beginning to unveil your knowing, 

we are the same human.

Through the sharing and the processing of our story, we heal. 

Thats what the Moon Lounge is about. 

Love manifests here.