The inner journey through alchemical hypnotherapy

allows you to more deeply connect with your true self

and your own innate ability to self heal. 

It helps you to unlock traumas and blockages,

providing better understanding of patterns from which you suffer.

It is from this place that you are able to release them and experience more balance, 

self love, health and inner peace.

Know Thyself

These sessions provide deep relaxation.

People typically experience clarity

both during and after sessions

It is common to feel re - energized,

relieved and unburdened.

Reconnecting with your inner resources

is the "Gold" we find on this alchemical journey.

This is your innate ability to heal your SELF.

Here are a few client reflections:


I recently participated in a Winter Solstice circle that Alex led in her amazing moon lounge.  The ceremony was well designed to help us take a pause from our normal hectic mental and physical activity levels and instead focus on our inner selves. 

Her guided trance meditation and post-meditation discussion led me to identify specific aspects of my life that I wanted to improve upon, which I've now been able to keep in my awareness as I start each day. 

I feel the experience has helped me  act upon what's truly important to me to improve the quality of my life.  The evening felt magical and intimate,

and it was a wonderful sharing experience among the women participants. 

As a side effect, for several days after the meditation I noticed increased mental acuity and clarity, as well as a sense of inner peace. 

I plan to continue working with Alex on guided trance meditation going forward.


C.C. San Fransisco CA   circle group /inner healer session

My second marriage of 10 years has been a constant struggle

and the longer I've been in it more I start to compare it to my first marriage.

I became curious about the marriage partners I had chosen and wanted to undercover the reason of why...

why was I attracted to these men and how were we connected through Karma? 

How could I heal the pain and suffering of past lifetimes?

Through past life regression hypnosis-therapy with Alex I found answers to my questions.

Alex's gentle and reassuring guidance brought me to the path of healing trauma and freedom

of pain and guilt I had been living with. The environment was safe and nurturing and very professional.

I don't think I could have come to the realizations I did without her help.

This was and opportunity to better understand myself as well as the men I was in relationship with.

I was able to release deep and dark emotions hidden for lifetimes and free my soul from future toxic relationships.....

C.S. Rio Vista CA   past life regression session

My experience with Alexandra was like no other, it was truly motivating and exactly what I needed in my life. I was extremely comfortable with her as she took so much time to walk me through and helped me understand everything which I so much appreciate! Can’t wait for my next session in the near future. 

J.R. Vacaville CA  mixed  session

For about 10 years I have been consciously working through beliefs and traumas from the past. Since I realized (thanks to Alex) that it is undoubtedly part of self-love to illuminate these shadows from the past. The hypnosis with Alexandra gave me the opportunity to face these very unsightly and therefore partly repressed memories. Depending on what it is about, naturally very unpleasant / painful emotions arise and without a guide by my side, I would not have faced this confrontation. Rating and judgment are absolutely foreign to her, you just feel at any time during this session “I feel SECURE, fearless and in good hands.

If you are willing to really get to the core of your own traumas in an amazingly short time, you could hardly find a safer place to do so.

I had the feeling with Alexandra that I ended up in the healing matrix with a woman with intuition, authenticity and self-evident / unconditional, almost maternal care. Real healing in the present, through the tool subconscious and the courage to turn around and to hold the spotlights on unsightly mistakes / events of our past and look at them …

S. W. Germany inner child work

I’ve worked with a psychologist, have been instructed in meditation, yoga, and philosophy

by some of the best In the field.

However, no one thing had as dramatic an affect on my life as the series of sessionsI have done with Alex. 

This process of alchemical hypnosis was the missing ingredient for me. I have been able to clear out old trauma, release old anger, and even to forgive and release ancestor spirits.  This has made a huge change in my health, communication, relationships, and outlook on life.

I felt safe to explore my inner landscape and have discovered so many helpful guides.

Alex has been so supportive through this process. Obviously having done a lot of this work herself,

her experience inspires a lot of confidence. 

Our work is co-created, it’s like meditating with with an experienced ally. 

I’ve seen that you don’t have to ‘believe’ in this approach in order for it to work on you. All you need to do is relax, and Alex makes sure of your comfort & security.  Experience with meditation isn’t necessary, but I have no doubt that my years of meditating contributed to the quick results.

Stepping into the Moon Lounge encourages a meditative approach.

If you are looking for assistance in making change in your life and come into your own personal power, I can make no better recommendation than seeking to ally with Alex.  She a great spiritual warrior.

J. W. San Fransisco  inner child work/retrest